Dedicated to Sustainable Craftsmanship

Mac’s Creek is committed to sustainable craftsmanship in the vineyards and the winery.

Sustainable Practices in the Vineyard

  • No pesticides (for bugs) are used to in the vineyards, we use Ozone (completely natural product.)
  • Limited amounts of herbicide (for weeds.) We use a “Weed Badger” that is essentially a swing arm tiller attached to our tractor.
  • All of our grapes are hand harvested to ensure that we get the freshest product (juice) from our grapes. When they are mechanically harvested the grapes are bruised and the juice is released. That juice then sits in the bin for hours before arriving at the winery.
  • “Pollinators” have been planted throughout the vineyards (the strip of plants down the middle of the vineyard.) These pollinators are used to attract insects that help naturally pollinate our grapevines during the growing season.
  • Barn Owl and Bat houses have been installed throughout the vineyards. This is used to naturally take care of pests and rodents in the vineyards (mosquitoes, ground squirrels, pigeons, mice, etc.)

Sustainable Practices in the Winery:

  • No toxic cleaning products are used to clean our wine production space and equipment, again we use Ozone. It kills 99.9% of bacteria upon contact.
  • All of our “must” products from production (skins, seeds, etc.) are taken to the Lexington compost pile and composted. This compost is then used as fertilizer on our vineyards and city parks throughout Lexington.
  • All waste is recycled (plastic, paper and aluminum.)
  • Most of our lights are on a sensor system, allowing for lights to only be on when people are using the space.